Quality Construction
roofingRoofing Colors
Below are roofing shingles & colors we offer. If you don't see the color you're looking for or would prefer a steel roof, Barclay Custom Sheds can supply you a quote upon request.
CertainTeed XT™ 25
XT™ 25 Moire Black XT™ 25 Oakwood XT™ 25 Sea Green XT™ 25 Slate Gray XT™ 25 Timber Blend XT™ 25 Weathered Wood XT™ 25 White XT™ 25 Black Pepper XT™ 25 Black XT™ 25 Brick Red XT™ 25 Chestnut Brown XT™ 25 Gray Frost
CertainTeed XT™ 25 Metric
XT™ 25 Metric Black XT™ 25 Metric Gray Frost XT™ 25 Metric Maple Red Blend XT™ 25 Metric Moire Black XT™ 25 Metric Oakwood XT™ 25 Metric Slate Gray XT™ 25 Metric Star White XT™ 25 Metric Timber Blend XT™ 25 Metric Weathered Wood
CertainTeed XT™ 30
XT™ 30 Black XT™ 30 Gray Frost XT™ 30 Moire Black XT™ 30 Nickel Gray XT™ 30 Slate Blend XT™ 30 Star White XT™ 30 Timber Blend XT™ 30 Weathered Wood

roofingSiding Colors
Below are samples of our vinyl siding & colors we offer. Premium siding available at addition cost upon request.
CertainTeed Monogram® 46
Monogram® 46 Arbor Blend Monogram® 46 Arctic Blend Monogram® 46 Autumn Red Monogram® 46 Autumn Yellow Monogram® 46 Bermuda Blue Monogram® 46 Buck Skin Monogram® 46 Canyon Blend Monogram® 46 Charcoal Gray Monogram® 46 Colonial White Monogram® 46 Cypress Monogram® 46 Desert Tan Monogram® 46 Flagstone Monogram® 46 Forest Monogram® 46 Frontier Blend Monogram® 46 Glacier Blend Monogram® 46 Granite Gray Monogram® 46 Green Tea Monogram® 46 Hearthstone Monogram® 46 Heritage Cream Monogram® 46 Herringbone Monogram® 46 Ivy Green Monogram® 46 Light Maple Monogram® 46 Linen Monogram® 46 Meadow Blend Monogram® 46 Mountain Cedar Monogram® 46 Natural Clay Monogram® 46 Oxford Blue Monogram® 46 Pacific Blue Monogram® 46 Sable Brown Monogram® 46 Sandpiper Monogram® 46 Sandstone Beige Monogram® 46 Savannah Wicker Monogram® 46 Seagrass Monogram® 46 Silver Ash Monogram® 46 Snow Monogram® 46 Spruce Monogram® 46 Sterling Gray Monogram® 46 Suede Monogram® 46 Terra Cotta Monogram® 46 Timber Blend Monogram® 46 Weathered Blend
building options Options
Barclay's Building Options
  • Siding: T1-11, V-Match Pine, or Vinyl Siding

  • Roofing: Architectural Shingles, Corrugated Steel Roofing. Our roofing shingles have a minimum warranty of 25 years.

  • Door Placement: Locate your door at the end, or broadside, left right, center, offset, you name it, whatever works for your needs at no extra cost.

  • Windows: From framed Glass "Lite" windows, to manufactured Single Hung Windows, whatever your creativity and budget allows.
  • "Lite" Windows - A pane of glass mounted permanently where you want. Cost $65.
  • Single Hung Windows - Start at $140.

  • Doors: Single or Double doors, and manufactured Security Doors any width available.

  • Finishes: We use the highest quality stains from the major paint manufactures.

  • Presure Treated: Need to combat moisture? Ask about Pressure Treated floors and joists.

  • Insulation: We can insulate your floor, walls, ceiling or any combination.

  • Ramps: Pressure Treated Ramps made to accommodate your Snow Blower, Lawnmower, 4x4, etc., makes getting in easy.

  • Entries: Porch or Entry-way designs can add a warm homey feel to your building.

  • Awning style: Roofing extension for firewood or any outside storage needs.
building features Standard Features
Standard features on all of our products
shed features
  • Floor joists constructed with 2x6 or 2x8, based on buildings width
  • Mid-Wall Belly boards on T1-11 units
  • Diagonal Re-enforcement Straps on Pine units
  • Anti-Swing Doors Latches
  • Padlock Hasps
  • 5 foot Double Swinging Door Standard
  • Vented "Critter Proof" eaves
  • Footing Cinder Blocks