use solid stain on sheds
What do you recommend for exterior wood finish?
We recommend solid stain for the exterior of your shed or garage. Solid stain lasts for 5 years, doesn't peel off like paint, and it's easier to maintain.
Can you match my shingles
Can you match what I have for shingles?
Yes, we can match the shingles to compliment what you have on your house or nearby building.
Do you purchase locally
Where are your products purchased?
Whenever possible we purchase locally harvested wood products in Maine.
What payments are accepted
What do you accept for payments?
We accept Visa, Master Card, Check, or Cash.
Inspect shed area
Do you do pre-site evaluations?
Yes, we will come to your site and inspect the area. We can also help you prepare your site for the new building.
Do you build sheds on site
Can you build on site?
Yes, we can build on site for an additional fee.
New England Shed Building
How far do you travel?
We will travel anywhere in New England. For more inforation see our Delivery page.